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I'm feeling very guilty for not including the English speakers in the group. I know there are at least a few out there who don't speak any Spanish at all. I'm positive Carlos wants you to feel included as well, so I've elected myself to help you understand what is happening on the forum. Feel free to comment and participate in English.

I thought I'd start with the discussion board. If you need more of an explanation on the topics, let me know and I'll be happy to help. I know that English isn't a first language for many of you.

Here are the discussion topics Carlos started:

Presentate -- Introduce yourself here.

Todo Sobre Carlos Ponce -- Everything about Carlos Ponce

Ultimas Noticias y Entrevistas - Latest News and Interviews

TV - Discuss Carlos' television appearances here.

Peliculas - Discuss Carlos' movie appearances here.

Discografia - Discuss any of Carlos' music here.

Fotos Originales - Original Photographs of Carlos

Fan Arts - Carlos Art you've created - wallpaper, avatars, etc.

Otros Artistas - Other Artists

Off-Topic -- Anything not covered in the other categories

Several other discussions have been started that I think many of you will enjoy and I will get to those soon. Until then, I hope this helps!! BESOS!

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Gizem, Ferah and all the other non-Spanish speaking fans on the site (Sorry, I don't know who all of you are - please introduce yourself to me sometime) -- I just wanted to point out that Carlos stopped by today and left a message on his profile page. Here's what he said:

In English - Hello! I came by to greet you. I tell you (all) that it is very refreshing to read your comments. It is a good antidote (cure) for stress. I laugh a lot with what you write. Don't stop doing it. I send you a lot of affection.
He also stopped by and said in the topic NUESTRAS TARJETAS DE NAVIDADES PARA CARLOS:


Meaning: A thousand thanks. I love the messages.
thanks a lot Eli for translating Carlos's comments for us!!

I LOVEE HIMMM!!!! REally:):):)

He is such a moderate person and he cares about his fans.

I hope he watched and liked my video...

Good afternoon to all those non-Spanish speaking fans!

Just to keep you in the loop -- Carlos dropped by about an hour or so ago and left a message. Here's what he had to say:


Ante todo.. les quiero saludar y enviar un abrazo muy fuerte.
First of all., I want to greet all of you and send you a big hug
Les quiero pedir una disculpa por la falta de atención a la comunidad.
I want to ask you all forgiveness for not paying attention to the community
Tengan en cuenta, que aparte del trabajo, también tengo una familia numerosa que depende de mi,
y requieren el 100% de mi tiempo cuando no estoy activo.
Consider that apart from work, I also have a large family that depends on me and requires 100% of my time when I'm not working/busy.

Les cuento.... me tomé 3 semanas de vacaciones durante las fiestas.
I tell you (all) that I took 3 weeks of vacation during the holidays
Desafortunadamente, las ultimas dos semanas he estado muy enfermo.
Unfortuneately, the last 2 weeks I have been very sick.
Anoche viajé de Miami a Los Angeles y eso complicó mas mi estado. Hoy me siento mucho mejor.
Last night I traveled from Miami to Los Angeles and this complicated my state (it made him sicker to travel). Today I feel much better.
En unas horas regreso a trabajar... A continuar con el rodaje de "Couples Retreat"
In a few hours I return to work..... to continue with the filming of "Couples Retreat"
Se van a divertir mucho cuando salga.
You are going to enjoy it a lot when it comes out
Mis mejores deseos para todos en el 2009.
My best wishes for everyone in 2009
Y si saben de alguien a quien no le llegó este mensaje, por favor corran la voz.
If you know someone who doesn't receive this message, please pass it on ( the please pass it on part - this one literally translated wouldn't make much sense in this context {literally it says please run the voice}, so I'm passing on how I'm understanding it in context)

El que me conoce bien, sabe que soy pésimo con la tecnología. Y todavía no sé manejar bien esta pagina.
Those who know me well know that I'm terrible with technology and I don't yet know how to handle this page well.

Mil Cariños.
A thousand affections
Carlos Ponce

Thaks a lot Eli for translating it for us:):) His message is so sweet!! I love him I understand this again and again !!!

And Eli thanks a lot for your good wishes about my exams.I love you:):)
You're very welcome for the translation and the well wishes. I'm expecting good scores on you so make me proud!!

Love you too girlfriend!!
OK - in case you didn't notice, Carlos stopped by Feb. 6 (2009) and left us a message. I don't know why I had a hard time putting into words what I think he said but here's basically what I got from what he said:

I finished the filming of the movie "Couples Retreat." At the moment, I find myself in Los Angeles interviewing candidates (writers) to help me on a script that I want to bring to the big screen.

I continue frequently to carve the acting techniques to polish the art. Like my Granny says "Dying and learning".

The kids are enormous and every day they surprise me with new curiosities. They are so clever they leave me speechless (without words).

The Grammy Awards are celebrated this weekend and there are many interesting parties. I'm not much of a partier, but I admit it's a wonderful opportunity to share with colleagues (comrades) of the industry, to juggle ideas (not sure about this one though), and meet figures that in one form or another have influenced my career.

Well, there's a piece of my days. I will keep you informed on anything new. A thousand affections

Then he added in a post in the thread that he wouldn't be able to participate (assist in) in the Grammy Awards because he had post production that night. He also said that he may possibly be able to go to the Clive Davis party.
If anyone out there doesn't speak Spanish and would like to be included on messages I send telling English speakers when Carlos drops by, please drop me a message (Click on my photo and underneath the picture you'll see "enviar un mensaje" - click on that and then write your message.)

I'm sure there are others other than Ferah, Gizem and Dax, but I don't know who you are. I really don't want anyone to feel left out, so don't be shy. Let me know who you are.
thanks a lot Eli for translating and informing us:):)

I love him more day by day.He is great!!!

New telenovela ‘Dos Hogares’ will be shot in S.A.

Elizabeth Good idea, I hope everything goes well ... Fortunately I speak both languages​​, but I understand very well that they do not, how difficult it must be understood in spoken ... although almost always crazy and fun ideas, Greetings and love to you

San Antonio to star in novela

Updated 07:36 a.m., Thursday, May 5, 2011

Read more: http://www.mysanantonio.com/default/article/San-Antonio-to-star-in-...



Por fin, San Antonians will see a little of themselves when they watch a prime-time telenovela.

“Dos Hogares,” a daring new venture by Mexican producer Emilio Lar-rosa, will star RBD sensation Anahí and Puerto Rican heartthrob Carlos Ponce in a love mystery that unfolds across the border.

Though the majority of the scenes will be shot in various locations around Mexico, 25 percent of the plot will occur in San Antonio.

Larrosa selected areas of San Antonio and surrounding sites such as Helotes and Gruene for the series. Downtown San Antonio landmarks, the Riverwalk, and Sonterra, which the producers call “Sonterrey,” will all appear.

“It's giving the audience a new flavor of novelas,” said Francisco Mendoza, the interactive producer for the series. “Latin Americans watch soap operas because it takes them back to their native places. The second and third generations in the U.S. hear from their grandparents about Mexico but often have never been there. This is something that integrates both cultures. People in Mexico will see how people live here in the United States and vice versa.”

One of the principalrecurring characters named Diana will play a weather reporter in the local channel Univisión 41 and her scenes will be filmed inside the actual station. Local Univisión anchors and reporters will appear in some of the shots.

She will be visited frequently by her lover, a ladies man played by Jorge Ortiz de Pinedo.

Viewers may spot favorite local restaurants, businesses and perhaps even themselves when they watch. The production team expects to make five to seven filming trips to San Antonio beginning at the end of this month and continuing throughout the year. Univisión will be casting additional actors and extras each time the production team visits San Antonio.

“We have been studying the possibilities in the city for three months and they are very good,” said the series' creative producer Pepe Cabello.

“Dos Hogares” marks the first time that Univisión has partnered with Televisa, the second-largest media company in the Spanish-speaking world and owner of Univisión, in producing a telenovela.

The series is planned to air in the United States at 9 p.m., taking the slot currently occupied by “Triunfo del Amor,” beginning in late June.

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