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    You'll Be In My Heart
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    Dame Chocolate
I'm feeling very guilty for not including the English speakers in the group. I know there are at least a few out there who don't speak any Spanish at all. I'm positive Carlos wants you to feel included as well, so I've elected myself to help you understand what is happening on the forum. Feel free to comment and participate in English.

I thought I'd start with the discussion board. If you need more of an explanation on the topics, let me know and I'll be happy to help. I know that English isn't a first language for many of you.

Here are the discussion topics Carlos started:

Presentate -- Introduce yourself here.

Todo Sobre Carlos Ponce -- Everything about Carlos Ponce

Ultimas Noticias y Entrevistas - Latest News and Interviews

TV - Discuss Carlos' television appearances here.

Peliculas - Discuss Carlos' movie appearances here.

Discografia - Discuss any of Carlos' music here.

Fotos Originales - Original Photographs of Carlos

Fan Arts - Carlos Art you've created - wallpaper, avatars, etc.

Otros Artistas - Other Artists

Off-Topic -- Anything not covered in the other categories

Several other discussions have been started that I think many of you will enjoy and I will get to those soon. Until then, I hope this helps!! BESOS!

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Thanks a lot Eli!!!!It's great that somebody care about us:):)
I will try to attend all the topics!!!
Feel free to add whatever you want even if it's in English. There are several who understand. I'll catch you up on others very soon -- hopefully today.
Hi my English speaking friends! I just wanted to make sure you know that you can watch the 1st episode of Lipstick Jungle at www.nbc.com/Lipstick_jungle

There's a link on the left hand side that says "WATCH ONLINE PREMIERE"

Also, Carlos dropped by and made a comment in the: ¡FALTA UNA SEMANA PARA "LIPSTICK JUNGLE" CON CARLOS PONCE! ¡DEJALE AQUI UN MENSAJE DE BUENAS VIBRAS A CARLOS! discussion. He thanks everyone for the good vibes and confirms that his character Rodrigo doesn't appear until the second episode Oct. 1. He also tells us that he is in Los Angeles (LA) preparing a little surprise that he will tell us about later. Hmmm, wonder what it is? I honestly don't know but I love surprises!!
Eli thank you so much!! I'll watch it!!

And I wonder Carlos' surprise.I think it will be sth which is great.Because I love surprises,too!!!
I feel bad that the link didn't work for you. Maybe it's an out of the country thing. DANG!! While I'm thinking about it, were you able to find the People en Espanol issue that Carlos is in? It was posted in the "Off Topic" discussion but someone deleted it. I almost deleted it myself because I think it's wrong to put magazine articles online until the magazines are no longer available -- but I didn't think it was my place to remove it. Someone removed it though and I'm glad they did. I want people to BUY the magazine. It supports Carlos and the magazine that way. Once it's not available then it can be put on. That's my opinion anyway. Let me know if you can't get it in your country. If I had unlimited financial resources, I'd offer to go buy one for everyone but I don't. SO SORRY! I think back orders can be purchased through "People en Espanol" though. I'll track down that information for you (and anyone else interested) if you can't get it there.
Eli as you said, I couldn't get "people en espanol" here.If you mention about it ,I will be very appreciate!!!
I agree with your opinions about buying magazine to support magazine and Carlos,too...

I'll try to watch LJ on net.Maybe on a video website,it can be broadcasted.Let's hope this:)

hey guys please dont ignore me i just wanted to tell you guys that carlos is coming out next wednesday october 1 in lipstick jungle i saw the previews for next wednesday and is going to be great you guys have a great evening
We wouldn't ignore you Melania! Thanks for the info. Hope you have a great day!
Hello:) I'm very happy!!!! In youtube,LJ is being added:))I will be able to watch it there.It's great news for me so I want to share it with you!!

That's awesome Gizem!! I'm glad you'll be able to see it!! YEPPIE!!!!!
thank you!!!

Eli there is a new topic named "¿DEL 1 AL 10 "CUAN" FANATIC@ TE CONSIDERAS DE CARLOS?" what does this mean?Because,I think I was invited to that topic

If you can help me,I'll be very appreciate:)

Hmm, I don't know what "cuan" means but combined with the discussion introduction, you're basically being asked what number between 1 and 10 are you as a Carlos fan? The person posting said that her knowledge of Carlos is limited so she considers herself a 5 but hopes to become a 10. Does that help?

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