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    Himno Poncelia
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    Me Llevas
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    Decir Adios
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    Busco Una Mujer
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    Todo Lo Que Soy
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    Dejate Querer
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    Mujer Con Pantalones
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    Concebido Sin Pecado
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    Llevame Contigo
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    La Venganza
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    Bella Note
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    You'll Be In My Heart
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    Dame Chocolate
I'm feeling very guilty for not including the English speakers in the group. I know there are at least a few out there who don't speak any Spanish at all. I'm positive Carlos wants you to feel included as well, so I've elected myself to help you understand what is happening on the forum. Feel free to comment and participate in English.

I thought I'd start with the discussion board. If you need more of an explanation on the topics, let me know and I'll be happy to help. I know that English isn't a first language for many of you.

Here are the discussion topics Carlos started:

Presentate -- Introduce yourself here.

Todo Sobre Carlos Ponce -- Everything about Carlos Ponce

Ultimas Noticias y Entrevistas - Latest News and Interviews

TV - Discuss Carlos' television appearances here.

Peliculas - Discuss Carlos' movie appearances here.

Discografia - Discuss any of Carlos' music here.

Fotos Originales - Original Photographs of Carlos

Fan Arts - Carlos Art you've created - wallpaper, avatars, etc.

Otros Artistas - Other Artists

Off-Topic -- Anything not covered in the other categories

Several other discussions have been started that I think many of you will enjoy and I will get to those soon. Until then, I hope this helps!! BESOS!

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yes thanks a lot for translating=)

and there is also one more topic "Que personaje de Carlos haz difrutado mas?"what does this mean?Could you tell me?=)

Elizabeth said:
Hmm, I don't know what "cuan" means but combined with the discussion introduction, you're basically being asked what number between 1 and 10 are you as a Carlos fan? The person posting said that her knowledge of Carlos is limited so she considers herself a 5 but hopes to become a 10. Does that help?
"Cuan" is probably short for cuantos -- which is how many, how much. Glad to be of some help!!
Eli I want to learn those new topics.Could you translate some of them?Because I was invited two of them and I couldn't understand them:(
QUE ES LO QUE MAS TE ATRAE DE CARLOS PONCE - What is it that most attracts you to Carlos Ponce

SU FORMA DE SER Y COMO ACTUA!!! - The way he is and how he acts.
COMO ES GUSTA MÁS.....?? - Which do you like most

1) CON BARBA - with a beard

2) CON UN POQUITO DE BARBA ( como de 2 o 3 días) - with a little beard (like 2-3 days)

3) SIN BARBA... -- without a beard.
¡HEY ES CONTIGO!! PINCHA AQUI Y RESPONDE ¿CUALES SON TUS CANCIONES FAVORITAS DE CARLOS? - Hey, How is it with you? Click here and respond - Which songs are your favorite of Carlos?

CUANDO ES TU CUMPLEAÑOS? - When is your birthday?
thanks a lot:)))
therefore I say that although English is not my language, I think one can also participate thak eli...
Here are some more discussions for you

CON QUE ACTRIZ OS GUSTARIA QUE PROTAGONIZARA UNA TELENOVELA??? -- Which actress would you like to see (with Carlos) in a telenovela?
LA COMUNIDAD CUMPLE UN MES - The community is a month old
Why do you think we idolize our famous? What is the secret ingredient that our Carlos has that cause us to feel so enamored (so in love) with him?
EN UNA DE SUS LETRAS CARLITOS NOS CONFIESA QUE A EL LE GUSTA LA "MUJER CON PANTALONES" A TI COMO TE GUSTARIA VERLO A CARLITOS...? -- In one of his letters, Carlos confesses that he likes a "Woman in Pants". And you, how would you like to see Carlos?
How has Carlos Ponce influenced your life and what have you done thinking about him?
Que personaje de Carlos haz difrutado mas? -- Which of Carlos' characters have you enjoyed the most?
¿QUÉ OS PARECE SI CARLOS PONCE PARTICIPARA EN UN PROGRAMA DE BAILE? -- What do you think if Carlos Ponce were to participate in a dancing program?
¡FALTA UNA SEMANA PARA "LIPSTICK JUNGLE" CON CARLOS PONCE! ¡DEJALE AQUI UN MENSAJE DE BUENAS VIBRAS A CARLOS! -- One more week for "Lipstick Jungle" with Carlos Ponce! Leave here your messages of good vibes to Carlos.
Juego ( a question is asked, someone answers the question and then asks their own). I'll give you all the details on this one (or any of the ones you're specifically interested in) as it's got a lot of interesting trivia in it -- as well as Carlos' own comment.
MAS ALLA DE UNA PAGINA WEB!!! -- More here than a web page.
¿?QUE FUE LO MÀS LOCO QUE HAS HECHO POR CARLOS PONCE...?¿ -- What is the craziest think you've done for Carlos Ponce?
What three objects would you take on a deserted island and with whom would you like to be lost (there) with?
TODAS QUEREMOS TU MESENGER PAPASITO-- We all want to be your messenger Papasito (hard to translate exactly but it's like calling someone a hot daddy)
SIN MENCIONAR "LIPSTICK JUNGLE", ¿TE GUSTARÍA QUE CARLOS FUESE PARTE DEL ELENCO DE ALGUNA SERIE AMERICANA? ¿DE CUÁL? -- Without mentioning Lipstick Jungle, What American series would you like Carlos to be a part of?
VENDRÁ CARLOS A ESPAÑA?? -- Will Carlos come to Spain?
QUIERO SABER QUE CANCIONES DE CARLOS TE INVITAN A PENSAR?, SEGUN TÙ.-- I want to know which Carlos songs cuase you to think (according to you)?
CON QUIEN LES GUSTARIA QUE CARLOS HICIERA UN DUETO? - With whom would you like to see Carlos do a duet?
PORQUE CARLOS NO TIENE LA MISMA TRASENDENCIA QUE LOS DEMAS! -- Why doesn't Carlos have the same significance as the ladies?
I skipped the two discussions regarding Carlos' birthday since it's already passed. One was to leave him a birthday wish, the other to leave birthday cards.

Let me know if there is a specific discussion you'd like more information on -- I can catch you up on the discussions already in progress if you'd like.

I'm REALLY GLAD you're participating more Gizem! I hope other English speakers will do the same!
thank you very very very muchh!!!

You're an angel:)

could you translate Carlos's answers to the topic "Juego"?

LOL besos
Earlier in the game, it was asked what Carlos' full name is. Someone answered Carlos Augusto Ponce. So, later, Carlos says:

Hola mi gente!!! me encanta el juego! Hasta yo mismo estoy aprendiendo cosas nuevas de mi persona. Jaja.. Como por ejemplo... Que mi segundo nombre es Augusto. Ahí les va... Mi nombre es Carlos Ponce. Pero a la edad de 14, añadí legalmente la letra "A" después del nombre, para que mi padre (Carlos Ponce) no se siguiera "confundiendo" al abrir la correspondencia. Por lo tanto... Mi nombre legal es: Carlos A Ponce. Pero la "A" no significa nada.
Mil Cariños... Y que sigan disfrutando.

Translated means, hello my people, I love the game. I'm learning new things about myself, haha. For example, that my second name is Augusto. Here it goes..... My name is Carlos Ponce. But at the age of 14 I added the letter A so that my father (Carlos Ponce) would not continue to be confused and open mail. Therefore, my legal name is Carlos A. Ponce but the "A" doesn't mean anything. A thousand affections.... continue enjoying (the game).

In the Todo Sobre Carlos discussion several were going on about how handsome Carlos is and how they have posters on their walls and all sorts of things along those lines. Carlos responded to this one as well saying:
Que partida de locos!!!!!!!!!! You guys crack me up. HaHa...jaja.. LOL..LOL..LOL..
Me voy a tener que cambiar de pantalones.

Meaning basically: What a game of crazies (crazy people's game). You guys crack me up. I'm going to have to go change my pants. Meaning, he's laughed so hard that he's wet his pants so he has to go change them. HA!

I think that catches you up on all the Carlos comments.. I told you about the others already. If you want to see what discussions Carlos has participated in, you can go to his page by clicking on his profile picture. On the left hand side, there's a link that says discussions. Click on that and those he has participated in will pop up.

And still so succulent...Carlitos Papito.

Very casually dressed with shiny bermuda shorts, t-shirt and a murse (a man purse), Puertoriqueño Carlos Ponce, 36, was spotted strolling on the streets on New York City with wife Verónica, 35.

Carlos is a series regular in the NBC hit series Lipstick Jungle, shot in the Big Apple, and even though he is always extremely busy on set and with his many other commitments in the Latin Market, Ponce finds the time to bring his family to him, now completed by four lovely “Poncecitos:” Giancarlo, Sebastián, and adopted German twins, Savannah Alla and Sienna Natasha.

¡Qué bonita familia! Soon to be the Next Jolie-Pitts.

See? Not all families in Hollywood are broken and dysfunctional. Hear that, K-fed?
hi everybody:))

how are you?

I wanna ask you if there is sth important I really wonder what is going on in forum I have been very far from forum for a long time I know but I had mid-term exams and university is really hard:(
Hey Gizem -- I've missed you. I'm so glad your exams are finished (for now). I hope you did well!!

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