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Wsx-pdt programming instructions

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wsx pdt 2p programming
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wsx pdt d programming
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wsx pdt 2p fan
wsd-pdt programming instructions



18 Oct 2012 Press button twice to enter Time Delay adjustment mode. The LED will flash back the current Time Delay setting according to below table. (i.e. 5 flashes for 10 Manual On / Auto Off operation of lights (default) PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS WSX (PDT) 2P Series default: Pole 1 Auto On, Pole 2 Manual. • Default 26 Jan 2014 WSX PDT SA: Dual Technology (PIR + Microphonics) Detection - Manual On. WSX PDT NL: Dual PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS What, exactly is "vandal resistant" about the WSX lens? Where is the programming button on the WVR PDT 16 sensor located and Instruction on how to do?PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS. WSX D INSTRUCTION SHEET. PAGE 2. Operational settings can be changed via the push-button sequence outlined below 23 Feb 2011 19 May 2016 WALL SWITCH SENSOR. PROGRAMMING INSTRUCTIONS. DOC# IC2-002. Date Code 1211. 1.800.PASSIVE. For assistance with programming, contact:. There are 2 functions that need to be changed. Change Function 3 (On Mode) from setting 2 (Manual On) to setting 1 (Automatic On). Also,

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