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Carlos Ponce Dreams Of Hosting Variety Show In Spanglish (VIDEO)

VOXXI  |  By Daysi Calavia-LopezPosted: 10/30/2013 9:22 am EDT

Carlos Ponce has shown off his talents in many arenas. He has been the beloved heart-throb in Spanish language telenovelas, hosted the show “Control” for Univision, appeared alongside Vince Vaughn in 2009′s “Couple’s Retreat,” been a correspondent for “Entertainment Tonight” and lent his voice to animated films such as “Rio.”

Ponce once again lent his voice to an animated feature: “Free Birds.”

He is the narrator and voice of Alejandro, coincidentally an actor in a telenovela, that Reggie, the pardoned turkey, happens to be watching.

“I would love to continue working on animated films,” said Ponce in an interview with VOXXI. “Yeah, those are my ambitions. No doubt.”

The Puerto Rican actor loves working on animated films such as “Free Birds” so he can share them with his four young children.

“It’s fun being able to watch the movie with them,” he said. “‘Free Birds’ is the type of movie you can enjoy with the whole family.”

‘Free Birds’: Only one of Carlos Ponce’s upcoming projects

Carlos Ponce has many different projects in the works. Some he prefers not to talk about… not just yet.

“I’m sorry but there are projects that require specific timelines and deadlines and I can’t really talk about them now,” he says laughing. But what Ponce was not shy to let on were his dreams of hosting his own variety show. He would love the opportunity of hosting ”The Carlos Ponce Show” something like daytime television’s “Ellen.”

“Oh yeah I could be ‘Ellen-o,’” he said in jest. “I can’t live without a sense of humor, I need to be laughing and entertained at all times.”

He thinks a variety show would be the perfect platform to showcase his multiple talents including his singing and songwriting abilities.

“I think my favorite thing is songwriting,. But in a variety show you can do it all. You can do sketches, sing, act, interview, you can do it all,” he said enthusiastically while flashing his signature megawatt smile.

Catch Carlos Ponce in “Free Birds” in theaters November 1st.

Originally published on VOXXI as Carlos Ponce lends his voice to Free Birds and dishes on his dreams


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