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'Devious Maids' Season 4 News: Carlos Ponce Snags Recurring Role That Brings Trouble

A handsome new bad guy is coming to cause some trouble in "Devious Maids" Season 4.

TVLine just released the news that Carlos Ponce will be joining the "Devious Maids" cast. Some might remember Ponce as sweet Carlos Rivera in "7th Heaven." He played a caring homeless shelter volunteer who ends up marrying Mary Camden. 

Ponce on "Devious Maids" will be nothing like the "7th Heaven" character we loved. Instead, Ponce will take on the role of Ben. According to TVLine, Ben is "handsome and slick" and very manipulative.

Ben is a hotshot manager of a movie star, which could mean he gets ushered into the Beverly Hills drama by Carmen, who is always chasing fame.

Whatever the case may be, there is definitely going to be some scandal and mystery surrounding fresh meat Ben. Truthfully, there's usually scandal and mystery surrounding new characters. We will have to see what kind of sandstorm Ben brings. 

In addition to Ponce, "Chuck's"  Ryan McPartlin will join the "Devious Maids" cast. According to Enstars, McPartlin will play Kyle "a sweet, fun and impossibly sexy new neighbor." It seems Kyle will be the antithesis of Ben. But as we know the characters on "Devious Maids" are often deceiving.

A few guest stars have also been added into the mix this season. Producer Eva Longoria will make an appearance in the season premiere. Joining her is fellow "Desperate Housewives" cast member James Denton.

The Season 3 finale left no cast member untouched. Their lives seem to be even more tragic than usual. Zoila has complications during labor, Spencer suffers from amnesia and doesn't remember Rosie. Carmen gets held at gunpoint by her future husband, Sebastian, at the Powell house. Marisol also gets held hostage by Sebastian — along with Michael, Evelyn and Adrian. And that's just the trouble facing the foursome.

We don't yet have a synopsis of the premiere or any inclination as to how the new series will play out. It doesn't seem like there will be a semblance of peace for our characters in the near future. 

"Devious Maids" Season 4 is set to premiere sometime in 2016. 

Are you more excited about Ben or Kyle? Let us know! 


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Comentario por vanda Ponce kipshidze el febrero 5, 2016 a las 2:24pm
I can't wait.... Wish you my dear success...
Comentario por nuggetysnoopy_ponce el febrero 5, 2016 a las 3:24am

es el mejor sin duda alguna un abrazo jefe vas a triunfar  be happy

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